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The Out Inn CHESHIRE magazine
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Issue 76 published December 2017


Part 1 - Editorial
Part 2 - Macclesfield and East Cheshire
Part 3 - North Cheshire, Music Listing, High Peak
Part 4 -
South Cheshire, Wirral,
Part 5
- Chester
Part 6 -Halton
& Editorial

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Out Inn the Wide World
Looking for real ale outside the UK?
Take a look at our most ambitious project yet;
a good beer guide to the planet!

The Pub is the Hub
a 2 minute film howing how projects inspire community volunteers to get involved in local services & activities

The Beer Story; Calling Time on Duty
A short film that wells you how valuable
our pubs and craft brewers are to the UK economy and how the Chancellor is damaging them


One of the superb British Council Films, this one from 1944, showing some ancient pub scenes

Community Pubs Month

Cask Ale Week

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