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CAMRA in Cheshire What is it? And what does it do in my area?
Real Ale What is it?
Beer should be more like wine. A word or two about quality and taste.
Beer Festivals Details of Festivals to be held in Cheshire. More .....
The OUT Inn CHESHIRE Quarterly Newsletter

11,000 full colour copies distributed quarterly all over Cheshire. Pub reviews, food reviews, brewery news, articles, advance notice of beer festivals and everything you need to know about real ale and real pubs in Cheshire.
The latest issue is Number 41.

Excellent targetted advertising opportunities to about 30,000 discerning readers. Advertising and contact details here....

A link to an online version of the latest issue can be found on the home page.

The OUT Inn CHESHIRE Guide to Cheshire Pubs

A big THANK YOU! everyone who helped survey and write this guide, to everyone who helped sales and those who bought CAMRA’s best local guide ever.

The highly commended Cheshire pub guide is now long sold out! Details. However, we are actively putting together a searchable on-line replacement, more in tune with the needs of the 21st Century. Watch this web-site and the Out Inn Cheshire newsletter for developments!

Real Ale in a bottle A quick round up of bottle conditioned ales (BCA) found in the Cheshire area. We plan to bring you a comprehensive listing of all the BCAs brewed in Cheshire, with tasting notes. More...
Behind Bars A look at consumer rights associated with drinking.
Discernment: the next step Some comments on how choice can lead to better drinking.
Eating out inn Cheshire A guide to some great home-cooked meals in some lovely pubs.
Women have taste buds too! Beer for women
Darling, why don't you like pubs? Beer Duty
Old enough to drink, old enough to choose Pub 18-25
Want to hear a story? A cautionary tale
  Why you should ask for cask
Cheshire's Flagship Pubs Our best inns.
Guest beers You choose!
Your pub and your pint are in danger
Mild British Brewing's best-kept secret
Brewed In Cheshire The latest news and details from Cheshire's micro-breweries
Read all about it! Publications available from CAMRA
Pubs are for life not just for Christmas!
Paying too much? The Great Lager Swindle
Pub of the Season Our best pubs honoured
Beer smuggling Stop the smugglers
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