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The Red Bull was North Cheshire's Pub of the Year for 2008 and as it was also the runner up in the previous two years, this pub was clearly overdue for a food review.

The beers almost need no introduction, and are the main reason that the pub won its coveted award this year. On the night, I sampled real ales in the form of Boggart Brew, Hornbeam Bitter, Thwaites Wainwright and Hornbeam Coral Stout. All were excellent.

Food is served throughout the pub, and for starter I opted for the Chicken Goujons with a Barbeque dip at £3.65. The starter arrived with a generous portion of six pieces of chicken in breadcrumbs accompanied by a side salad of iceberg lettuce, tomato and cucumber. Very pleasant although the goujons were perhaps a tad overcooked.

For main course, I opted for the Red Bull Chicken Poulet at £8.25. Dishes that incorporate the pub name always attract me, as I think that if they are going to associate the establishment with a particular dish, it must be something they are particularly proud of. I was asked if I wanted salad or vegetables, and I asked for straightforward peas, for which they were happy to oblige.

The meal was delicious. A generous portion of moist and tender chicken pieces was served with onions in a superb creamy sauce. The peas were excellent and the chips were excellent proper home-made ones of the sort that every pub should be forced to sell.

A most enjoyable visit (as it always is here). And now something else to return for - good food as well as fantastic beer.

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