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Ö...not quite that outfit who organise the holidays, but possibly even more fun.

More and more young people are turning their backs on plastic beer and plastic pubs, and discovering that quality is something you have to look for. It is not something that flows from the Ad Manís fevered imagination, it is something you need to be clued up about.

CAMRA, the Campaign for Real Ale, has a thriving Under 26 Group, looking specifically at the tastes and preferences of people in that age group.

Did you know that there is a major discount on CAMRA Membership if you are under 26? Instead of paying £22, you pay only £14 a year. Joint membership is only £17. For that, you get the chance to get into CAMRA Beer Festivals free or at a reduced rate. If you choose to help out for a few hours, you get in for free, and probably get free beer or cider too. You can make back your membership fee in one session, and make a few new friends into the bargain! What is more, signing up for a Direct Debit gives you three months free! See the application form on page 30.

Itís a great social scene, with loads of chances to meet other CAMRA people and members of the public. We know of lots of couples who have met through CAMRA. Any organisation that holds all its meetings in the pub canít be bad, can it?

Lots of pubs aim their appeal squarely at the younger drinker: Wetherspoons and Hogsheads are obvious examples. All of these have a bank of hand pumps selling Real Ale. If you havenít yet experimented, try the real stuff! Go for the hand pump!

Donít follow the herd into the so-called trendy bars with their mega-national brands dreamed up by accountants and marketing managers. Show a little individuality and go for taste.

Real ale is cool.

Keg beer is just cold.

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