A Pub is for life,

not just for Xmas!


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Pubs are great, sociable places, but they are at risk.

Big business doesn’t give a fig for cosy traditional pubs, with their individual character, intimate corners, friendly experienced staff, home-cooked food and locally-brewed tasty beers. The bean counters are happy with soulless identi-kit “venues” and “themes”. All they care about is the bottom line. They have no regard for customer choice, for our cultural heritage, for local and regional tastes.

But it is not just the accountants and other beasts of the boardroom who threaten this part of our world.

It’s you. All too many pubs report falling turnover, as more and more of their trade deserts them. We can blame Foot and Mouth for keeping people out of the countryside, we can blame the drink-driving laws for making people aware of the dangers of excess. We can blame the trend toward drinking at home, whether decent wine or nasty tins of beers. We can point the finger at the criminal classes smuggling cheap low quality booze from the continent.

All of these factors have played a part, but we have to draw your attention to the inevitable consequence. Pubs are closing, for ever. Your local needs your custom. Don’t expect it to be there next Christmas, if you don’t step over the threshold until then. You will have only yourself to blame.

You need pubs and pubs need you.

Use them or lose them!

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