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Lager: more fake than you thought

One of the eccentricities of the UK drinks market is the way in which otherwise rational people will pay top prices for lagers with foreign-sounding names and a trendy cosmopolitan image. This is all the more irrational when you realise that virtually all of them are brewed in Britain!

When challenged on this cynical and misleading use of multi-national brand names, the guilty parties come up with the ingenious argument that this avoids the high transport costs of moving around large quantities of a product which is mostly water.

Sound economic sense. I propose to take it a step further, and spend my hard earned pennies on Cheshire-brewed ales.

May I recommend that you join me in a pint of 4T's, Beartown, Blue Ball, Bollington, Cheshire Brewhouse, Coach House, DB, Dunham Massey, Frodsham, Front Row, Happy Valley, Merlin, Mobberley, Northern, Norton, Offbeat, Pied Bull, RedWillow, Spitting Feathers, Storm, Tatton, Tipsy Angel, Weetwood, Wincle or Woodlands? Brewed where it says on the pump clip!

I prefer an offering from someone who cares about his craft than one from some cost accountant with one eye on his balance sheet and a vacuous "brand" to promote.

Almost every bar has them; lagers, keg beers and smooth beers. What are they? Basically, they are substitutes for Real Beer.
Often brewed down to a cost in a big factory, usually pasteurised to stop any interesting character developing, over-chilled and pumped full of gas.

Why do they sell? Because the world is full of undiscerning perople who will buy what their mates buy and what the clever adverts tells them.

The boys in suits love them.
One born every minute!


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