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“I wish to register a complaint!” began that example of poor customer service, the dead parrot sketch. No website for consumers can omit advice on how to complain, and all pub-goers often receive poor service, even unwittingly.

  • When you pay for a pint, the licensee expects to be paid in full. Similarly, you should receive a full pint, not 90%. We recommend that you politely ask them to “squeeze a drop more in”, or  "top it up please”.

  • If you think slops or stale beer are being returned to the barrel, you should contact your  local CAMRA branch, who will try to gather evidence so that the authorities can be approached.

  • If you are given a chipped glass, dirty cutlery, bad food or sour beer, don’t hesitate; let the staff know, politely. It is easy for things to be missed in a busy session: a little courtesy and understanding on both sides should resolve it.

  • It is no longer a legal requirement for representative price lists to be readily visible, but it is a common courtesy. You should not need binoculars or a crystal ball to check prices.

Be polite and reasonable. A busy licensee cannot spot everything, but the good licensee will want to put things right for you.
A little politeness goes a long way.

If the licensee is unwilling to put things right,
feel free to contact Consumer Direct (08454 04 05 06)
or Environmental Health Officers.
(Search the web-sites of the relevant Local Authority (Cheshire East or Cheshire West, or see your phone book, public library or town hall.)


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