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Community Pubs Month
April 2013

CommunityPubs Month


With a recent Beer & Pub Association report highlighting that 12 pubs are closing every week, CAMRA has to do more than ever to support local pubs through these difficult times.

CAMRA’s Community Pubs Month aims to:

# Raise the profile and importance of pubs in the community

# Encourage people of all ages and backgrounds to use community pubs and visit the pub more often than they currently do

# Encourage pubs to organise events during the week to entice more trade

Unfortunately, due to many factors outside the control of the pub such as the smoking ban, increases in excise duty and the sale of beer by supermarkets as a loss-leader, pubs now more than ever, need support throughout the year.

CAMRA in Cheshire is supporting the pub trade during Community Pubs Month (April 2013).
We urge you to do the same.

The British Pub makes a unique contribution to our way of life. It enhances our culture, epitomises our heritage and is the centrepiece of the local community.

To offer your support could not be simpler or more pleasant.
All you have to do is go to the pub!
Take the family, meet friends, have a meal, listen to a band, take part in a quiz.

We are losing our pubs. What will you do when your local has gone?
Use it or lose it!

You can find more information on the CAMRA national site.

Out Inn Cheshire

Out Inn Cheshire is an invaluable and informative read. With print run per issue now at the record level of 13,000, this magnificent, hard-hitting and readable journal goes from strength to strength. Full colour and glossy, it is invaluable for the pub-goer and a darned fine read!

If you ever drink beer or cider, or ever go to a pub, then you need to get hold of a copy!

If you run a pub, off-licence, brewery, or indeed any business that would benefit from being brought to the attention of getting on for 40,000 discerning readers in the second wealthiest county in the UK, then you should be advertising in it! E-mail your requirements to

We want to feature full colour photographs, so get those cameras out and let us have your best efforts for publication!
This is also a great opportunity for advertisers, old and new, to make a real splash.
Much of the newsletter pages will still be in black and white for the foreseeable future, so a colour ad will be highly noticeable.
It will really say something about your business. Call the editor to talk about your preferences.

Members of CAMRA are urged to provide material for publication, either in the newsletter or on this Web-site. Pub Food articles would be particularly useful, as we enhance our coverage of this important topic.


Make mine Mild!

One of Britainís best-known beer styles is revealed as a personal favourite of HRH Prince Charles.

On a visit to Tim Taylor's brewery in Keighley, the Heir Apparent sampled a number of cask beers, including the regular Award Winner, Landlord. He then revealed that his favourite was the rich and creamy Dark Mild (ABV 3.5%). We understand that he also ordered a cask of Porter for delivery.

Out Inn Cheshire is pleased to see that our Monarch-in-waiting has sufficient perception and taste to recognise the rich heritage we have in this country. Too few people see beyond the glitzy and shallow advertising campaigns and use their own judgement to find really tasty and distinctive drinks.

May is the month in which the Campaign traditionally makes a big fuss about Mild, British Brewingís Best Kept Secret. Once a great deal more widely consumed than bitter, it was overshadowed when the major brewers started to advertise in a big way in the Seventies. Such was the expense of these campaigns that they had to focus on only one style, and they plumped for bitter. Mild consumption declined, a situation not helped by the unspeakable habits of a few unscrupulous landlords and their slop buckets.

Fortunately, we now value this style for what it is. Not too bitter, for those who prefer their drinks more subtle Not so strong, which is a good idea for lunchtimes. Usually a good bit less expensive. But every bit as flavoursome. Guess what a recent Champion Beer of Britain was? Yes, itís a mild; Black Cat, from Moorhouses of Burnley.

Visit the CAMRA national web-site for more about this fascinating beer style.

So, be like Chuck:Make yours Mild, and Ask for Cask!

Historic Inns

We want to identify all the Cheshire pubs with exteriors, interiors, rooms or features worthy of preservation.

We invite all our readers to let us have details of any they know. Whether you are a Licensee or a pub-user please get in touch.

Contact details are shown in each branch section, or you can E-mail the editor at Donít delay: these pieces of our heritage are under threat!

Visit the CAMRA national web-site for the full story.

Cask Marque come in from the cold!
Warmer relations with this beer quality scheme are now likely. Many CAMRA members felt that the way that accreditation was given might encourage beer to be served too cold, masking the flavour. A new lower limit of 50oF will now effectively avoid this problem. If you are served beer too cold, no matter where, let us know.
You can find more about Cask Marque on their own web-site
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